On value and price, they have the best feature trees available in the market today.

Specimens Available Now

The following specimens are available right now for sale. Click on the image for pricing information, and please contact us for immediate delivery.

Pandanus Utilis Medium – Please Contact For Price.

Livistona Nitida – Please Contact For Price.

Pandanus Utilis Large – Please Contact For Price.

Foxtail Palms – Please Contact For Price.

More About Our Company

Located in the rich volcanic soil of Northern NSW.  Only 15 minutes from the Gold Coast and a kilometer from the ocean.  These ground stock trees have been grown to sustain the elements.

This family owned & operated tree farm with over 30 years experience in the nursery & landscaping industry offer prompt & curtious service on all enquires.

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Our Trees

Pandanus Pedunculatus.

Common Name: Coastal Screw Pine Native Of: Coastal Eastern Queensland and New South Wales Native Habitat: Pandanus...

Foxtail Palm.

Common Name: Foxtail Palm The recently described foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) is from Cape York, Queensland....

Livistonia Australis.

Common names: Australian Cabbage Palm, Fan Palm Distribution Habitat: very widely distributed throughout lowland...

Pandanus Utilis.

Common Name: Red Edged Pandanus Native Of: Madagascar and Mauritius Native Habitat: Sandy to rocky exposed...

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